Mission San Juan Capistrano Audio Tour

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Stop 1

What is a Mission? — Founding Document
Stop 2 Additional Information

Mission Agriculture — Olive Millstone
Stop 3

Life as a Soldier — Soldiers Barracks
Stop 4 Additional Information

South Wing Museum Rooms
Life as a Padre — South Wing Building
Stop 5 Additional Information

Father Jose Mut The Padres’ Sitting Room
Stop 51

The Mission after Spain Loses Control of California (1821-1833)
Stop 52

The Mission sold as a Private Ranch Home (1845-1865)
Stop 53

The Mission Returned to the Catholic Church (1865)
Stop 54

Father Junipero Serra (1713-1784) Legacy of Saint Serra Exhibit
Stop 55

Mission Preservation — Historic Sala Building, c.1800 (1845-1865)
Stop 56

West Wing Museum Rooms
Life as an Acjachemen Native American
Stop 6 Additional Information

Historic Wine Vat/Spanish Colonial Art
Stop 7 Additional Information

Mission Treasures Exhibit
Stop 8

Industrial Area
Making Mission Products: Candles & Soap
Stop 9

Making Metal: The Catalan Furnaces
Stop 91

Making Leather: The Tanning Vats
Stop 92

Mission Swallows Fame and History Leon Rene Music Room
Stop 10

Swallows Nests and Natural History
Stop 101 Additional Information

Swallows Reenactment Wall Experiment
Stop 102

Building the Mission Parish School, 1920s North Wing Building
Stop 11

Central Courtyard: Past and Present
Stop 12

Serra Chapel
Serra Chapel, 1782
Stop 13

Baptismal Font, c. 1800s
Stop 131

Stations of the Cross Paintings, c. 1790s
Stop 132

St. Peregrine Chapel, c. 1960s
Stop 133

St. John of Capistrano Painting, c. 1800s
Stop 134

Station XII: Crucifixion Painting, 1800
Stop 135 Additional Information

Golden Altar/Retablo, c. 1690s
Stop 136 Additional Information

Historic Landmark Mission Cemetery (c. 1781-1850)
Stop 14

Bell Wall/ Campanario, c. 1813
Stop 15

Ruins of the Great Stone Church, 1806
Stop 16

Stop 17

Additional Information
About the Mission’s Non Profit Status
Stop 18

Mission Membership: How you can help preserve the Mission
Stop 19

Credits and acknowledgements
Stop 20