Onsite Field Trip Survival Guide

Arrival Information

Your group must check in and process payment 15 minutes before your scheduled tour in order to receive the full tour and programming. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

  Upon arrival, please have a group leader call our Guests Services reservation check-in number at (949) 506-7204. One of our Guest Services staff will respond immediately and guide you through our entry procedures. Keep your group outside, waiting on the bus. 

  Please have the following information:

        + Number of students and adults in your group.

  Students and chaperones must wear name tags at all times while on the grounds.

  A Mission Ambassador will escort your group from the bus inside the Mission. Mission Passports will be given to all students. Ambassadors will review safety guidelines with the group.

Running late to your tour? Please call the Guest Services reservation check-in number at (949) 506-7204 with estimated time of arrival.


  No bus parking is permitted on Ortega Highway or in front of merchant storefronts located on Camino Capistrano.

  Free parking is available in the lot located on El Camino Real and Ortega Highway and in the parking structure on Verdugo Street. Street parking is also available.

  Vehicles blocking driveways will be towed.


  Mission grounds are historic and uneven. PLEASE WATCH YOUR STEP.

  Smoking, vaping, and alcohol are not permitted onsite.

  Please do not chew gum onsite.

  Do not climb, stand on, or write on historic walls, arches, or fountains.

  Please respect all animals and wildlife on the grounds, including lizards and fish.

  Please put trash and recycling in designated bins.

  Do not sit on the Ruins of the Great Stone Church.


Free Wi-Fi
Join the MissionWiFi network for free Wi-Fi during your field trip, in designated locations.

Exhibit Manners
Please ask your students to not touch historic artifacts or works of art. Food and drink are not permitted in our exhibit spaces. Please do not use flash photography in exhibit areas or the Serra Chapel.

Photography and Drone Policy
Photography and video for personal enjoyment is encouraged. Photographs and videos are for personal use only and may not be sold. To ensure a positive and safe experience, the Mission prohibits the use of drones over its private property. All visitors to the Mission are advised that their photo may be taken while onsite for promotional purposes. Attendance at the Mission implies consent.


Guided Tours:

  Teachers please divide student groups evenly, no more than 25 for the allotted docent guides. Chaperones are not included in these groups.

  Please assign one teacher or parent chaperone for every 10 students.

  Tour duration is one hour.

  Late arrivals of more than 30 minutes are deemed “no show” and are subject to cancellation with no refund.

Audio Guided Tours:

  Please assign one teacher or chaperone for every 10 students.

  Teachers and chaperones must check-out and distribute audio players to their groups.

  Teachers and chaperones are responsible for damage or loss of audio players in their group’s possession.

  Tour duration is 1.5 hours and may be checked out for 2 hours.

  Teachers or chaperones must collect and return audio players to staff after completing the tour.

  Late arrivals of more than 30 minutes will automatically cancel an audio guided tour if audios are not available.

Additional Teacher Resources