Field Trip Activities

Mission San Juan Capistrano offers support to teachers and students by providing the following free resources for lessons and activities.

Mission Bingo (pdf)
Contents Include:
Mission Bingo is a fun game that will keep children entertained and engaged while visiting the Mission.

Learn More About The Mission (pdf)
Contents Include:
Investigate: Great Stone Church, Mission Courtyard/Quadrangle, Serra Chapel, and Industrial Area

Content Standards

Mission San Juan Capistrano is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality, standards-based field trip experience. All of our tours and education programs support the California History-Social Science Content Standards and Framework. In addition to this, this school year we have added education programs that also teach in support of the Next Generation Science Standards. Our field trip experiences are geared toward 4th grade learning, however, they can be adjusted to be appropriate for any grade level if you let our staff know when you book your field trip. To learn more about our standards-based field trips please look at the chart below:

Content Standards

Understanding the New Common Core State Standards
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) was adopted by the state of California in 2010. The CCSS is being implemented in California school districts during the 2013 and 2014 school years. Educators are updating and revising teaching units and lesson plans to align with the new standards.

Fourth Grade history units within the previous California State Standards are now being grouped differently within the CCSS. Instead of history having a separate grouping and individual standards, the CCSS is grouping English Language Arts, Literacy in History Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects in one section of standards.

Social Studies and history is now under the Reading Standards for Informational Texts (RI 4.1-10) in which social studies skills of “Chronological and Spatial Thinking” “Research, Evidence, and Point of View” and “Historical interpretation” are emphasized. Prior California State Standards adopted in 1998 for Fourth Grade History and Social Science have not been replaced; they have simply been reformatted for targeted learning goals. California History and Social Science is still a part of required learning objectives, but now with specific analysis skills also attached.

Studying the California Missions and the Common Core State Standards
Studying California Missions, or studying Mission San Juan Capistrano, aligns with curriculum and the Common Core State Standards for Fourth Grade. Critical thinking and analysis skills in social studies directly apply to studying this portion of California’s history.

Field trips to Mission San Juan Capistrano provide students with a unique experience with history. Students can observe and explore the Mission’s architecture, artifacts, and historical documents first hand, as well as achieve learning goals of the CCSS. Mission San Juan Capistrano’s Exhibits, Docent Guided Tours, Audio Tours, and Education Programs are geared to meet the Common Core State Standards. Each program is designed to help students understand historical chronology, cause and effect of historical events, and multiple perspectives.