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Dear Teachers, Parents and Administrators,

Thank you for looking over our new programs; we are excited to offer our new catalogue of Distance Learning and Education Programs to help facilitate your students’ learning about California history. We are now actively taking reservations for distance learning and “in-person” tours and experiences.

With your help last year we were able to develop an array of new and affordable distance learning options. Wherever possible we have strived to listen, learn and grow. Teachers and parents like you asked us to improve our tours with regard to Native American history so we strengthened our tour-guide training. We took this input into account with our new distance learning options as well. We believe Mission San Juan Capistrano can continue to be a place of education and inspiration for learners and their families during these difficult times. 

The Mission Preservation Foundation and staff are committed to honoring and celebrating our 245 years of rich history, and specifically the builders of the Mission, the inclusion of women in history, and the concept of being an authentic place where meaningful conversations about history can occur.

We invite you to read through our catalogue and note that in the event that the COVID-19 situation is resolved we will hope to see you return to the site for that annual rite of passage, the 4th Grade field trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano and heartily welcome you and your students back! Regardless, remote learning options are here to stay so that in future years we can reach even more students from all over the State. If you prefer to sign up for a remote experience either with a pre-recorded video or with a live Mission guide via Zoom, we can schedule that today as well. Our programs align with the California History and Social Science Standards and Framework and feature Native American Storytelling, connections to STEM Learning that align with the Next Generation Science Standards, and much much more.

We encourage you to send your students to visit the Mission with their families using our free 4th Grade Student Voucher for free admission. We are now offering VIP tour experiences. You can  have them sign up all year long by emailing These options are perfect for households!

We advocate that this landmark, now more than ever, is worth learning from, and invite you to walk the path with us or Zoom from afar, to see the beauty and history of 245 years right here in your own backyard. We applaud  our teachers, and our new parent-teachers who stepped in for remote learning this past year. We thank you all for continuing to partner with us to inspire, educate and impact a new generation of learners no matter the challenges.

We are in this together!


Mechelle Lawrence-Adams
Executive Director

Jessica Crossman
Education Director

Meghann Yan
Group Bookings Manager

“With its rare artifacts and treasures, Mission San Juan Capistrano serves as a connection to Orange County’s historic past and a symbol of its enduring and multicultural character. Year after year, this venerable landmark presents our students with rich educational experiences and memories that will last throughout their lives.”

Al Mija​res, Ph.D.

​Orange County Superintendent of Schools​

Content Standards

Mission San Juan Capistrano is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality, standards-based field trip experience. All of our tours and education programs support the California History-Social Science Content Standards and Framework. In addition to this, this school year we have added education programs that also teach in support of the Next Generation Science Standards. Our field trip experiences are geared toward 4th grade learning, however, they can be adjusted to be appropriate for any grade level if you let our staff know when you book your field trip. To learn more about our standards-based field trips please look at the chart below:

Content Standards

Educational Staff

Education Program Director | (949) 234-1320
Ms. Crossman has worked as an educator for non-profits and museums such as the San Diego Natural History Museum, the San Diego Museum of Man, and most recently The Audubon Society of Rhode Island. With Bachelor of Arts in both Biological Anthropology and Communications and a Master of Fine Arts in Film, Jessica combines her knowledge of science and social science together with a unique sense of storytelling to bring educational experiences to life.

MEGHANN YAN Group Bookings Manager | (949) 234-1306
Mrs. Yan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies with an emphasis in Geography from California State University, Fullerton.  She contributes greatly to the teacher arrival process at the Mission through her extensive customer service experience, allowing for everything to run as smoothly as possible on the front line.

Gate House and Field Staff
Our friendly and knowledgable staff help facilitate a positive field trip experience, welcome students and review safety expectations.  They will be available to help you find your way around the Mission, and have an inspired learning experience. Our staff is committed to ensuring an excellent guest experience through service, stewardship and safety.

3 Ways to Book Your Field Trip

BY PHONE (949) 234-1306
Phone reservation hours available Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

ONLINE Book Today!
Complete online registration and submit.
Please allow up to three business days for your request to be processed.

Please allow up to three business days for your request to be processed.