Dear Teachers:

On behalf of Mission San Juan Capistrano, we welcome you.

We want to provide your students with an authentic place for inspired learning about California history. Each year, thousands of fourth grade students visit Mission San Juan Capistrano to learn about the State, its indigenous people, and its past. Our volunteers and staff work hard to make your experience the best possible. To better inform you and ensure your visit is a success, you are invited to read through the Mission Educational Handbook, which details the Mission’s programs and processes designed for a positive field trip experience. There are tips and suggestions noted throughout the brochure. We hope you will consider them as you plan your tour. Also, be sure to watch our video guides for taking a tour.

First, book and take your tour early. The grounds are quieter, and there is more room to enjoy the field trip because rooms are not crowded. To encourage this, we’re introducing a discounted rate for Fall student tours, so take advantage!

Secondly, arrive on time, or a few minutes early to allow enough time for travel and traffic when booking your tour. Our docents are 100% volunteer, and they are ready to teach, tour, and inspire on time!

Third, please be patient when booking a tour. 
We’re hard to reach because we are returning teacher calls. Teachers are hard to reach because they are often in the classroom. For that reason, we suggest that you submit the online field trip form, call early, or fax/email your tour request. Our staff will return your call within 72 hours to schedule your tour.

Fourth, let us know how we are doing. 
When you have completed your tour, be sure to complete our performance survey. We are dedicated to providing you and your students with the best experience possible.

Thank you for selecting Mission San Juan Capistrano as your destination for fourth grade learning about California history and the missions.


Mechelle Lawrence-Adams
Executive Director


3 Ways to Book Your Field Trip:

BY PHONE (949) 234-1306
Phone reservation hours available Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

ONLINE Book Today!
Complete online registration and submit.
Please allow up to three business days for your request to be processed.

Please allow up to three business days for your request to be processed.