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Mission San Juan Capistrano is a favorite field trip destination for learning remote and in-person for children and adults alike. Each year, thousands of students visit California Landmark #200. The Mission has become a special “Rite of Passage” experience for 4th graders and homeschoolers across southern California.

Enhance your visit with our new expanded educational programs that include STEM topics and learning about Indigenous people or take our multi-language audio tour available in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Mission San Juan Capistrano’s learning experiences support the California History-Social Science Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and celebrate the First People of California. The Mission is committed to being a place of inspiration, education, and preservation for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Learn more about our distance learning and “in-person” tours and experiences by browsing our new Educator’s Guide.

Make California Landmark #200 your destination for learning remote or in-person about California history and the missions!

“With its rare artifacts and treasures, Mission San Juan Capistrano serves as a connection to Orange County’s historic past and a symbol of its enduring and multicultural character. Year after year, this venerable landmark presents our students with rich educational experiences and memories that will last throughout their lives.”

Al Mijares, Ph.D.
Orange County Superintendent of Schools

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Hands-on Learning and Family Fun at the Mission

1) Take the audio tour

2) Visit the Mission Clubhouse

3) Try the Commemorative Penny Press

4) See where the Padres and soldiers lived

5) Learn how the Acjachemen make baskets

6) Explore the beautiful gardens and enjoy a family picnic

7) Go behind the scenes on a private VIP tour

8) View the koi fish in the fountains

9) Visit the Mission Treasures Exhibit

10) “Follow the Swallow” around the Mission with our new sticker tour