Current Projects

There are many more paintings in the Mission’s museum collection that are in need of conservation. To get involved or to join our Mission San Juan Capistrano Art Guild, please contact Executive Director Mechelle Lawrence Adams at (949) 234-1311 or email mlawrence-adams@missionsjc.com

Both of these paintings belong to a set of “Stations of the Cross” paintings. The term “Stations of the Cross” refers to a standard series of scenes, often found in Catholic Churches and usually depicted through paintings or sculptures, that represents the path that Jesus took on the day of his crucifixion. This particular set of paintings in the Mission’s collection is missing several scenes, only 5 are accounted for and all were in need of conservation. In recent years, with the help of private donations and a grant from the California Missions Foundation, 3 of the paintings have already been conserved.  The two pictured here still await funding for much needed treatment.

Station of the Cross II. Artist Unknown, c. 1800s, Oil on Canvas

Station of the Cross III. Artist Unknown, c. 1800s, Oil On Canvas