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Mission San Juan Capistrano is dedicated to providing resources to help you and your students prepare to learn about the California missions. Supplement your learning experience with our interactive and informational guides, specifically tailored to meet California History-Social Science Standards, the Next Generations Science Standards and California’s Common Core State Standards for 4th grade history. These lesson plans will not only guide but also enhance your students’ understanding of this historic landmark by encouraging critical thinking and analysis. 

Visit Guides

Pre-Visit Essays, Lessons & Activities for Teachers (pdf)

Contents Include:
Essays: Mission San Juan Capistrano’s Guardians, The Acjachemen Nation, California’s Spanish Explorers, New Spain’s Franciscans
Activities: The Acjachemen Language, Create Your Own Acjachemen Name, Our Kin the Acjachemen Word Scramble, Food Chain Worksheet, Food Chain Nature Cards, Making a Compass (Physical Science), Can You Map It? (Geography), Daily Life on Board Explorer’s Ship (English/Creative Writing), Spanish Explorers: Impact of Ocean Currents & Wind Patterns (Earth Science), Math and Navigation (Mathematics), Recruiting Extreme Explorers (Visual Arts), Branding is Forever, Make Your Own Brand, How to Read Brands, and Read That Cattle Brand
Lessons: The Food Web, Navigating California’s Coast, and Branding is Forever
Tour the Mission safely while knowing we take all necessary safety precautions and follow sanitation procedures as directed by the CDC, state, and local governments. These tours are available by reservation only on the days Mission San Juan Capistrano is open, as well as the days we are closed to general admission. Tour aligns with CA HSS (4.2.1, 4.2.3, 4.2.4, 4.2.5, 4.2.6). *Available all year through Summer 2021.

Post Visit Lessons and Activities (pdf)

Contents Include:
Activities: Don’t Be Clueless Crossword Puzzle, Vocabulary Game, Word Scramble, Trade Worksheet, and Saved by the Mission Bell Trivia Review Game
Essay: California’s Rancho Economy
Lessons: The Story of Trader Richard Henry Dana, and Trading in California

Teacher Guides

Mission Clubhouse Teachers Guide (pdf)

Contents Include:
• Outline of hands-on activities and display information.

Mission Treasures Exhibit Interpretive Guide (pdf)

Contents Include:
• Outline of the exhibit and exhibit items.

Padres Museum Teachers Guide (pdf)

Audio Tour Field Trip Teachers Guide (pdf) Coming Soon!

Contents Include:
• Outline and information on the field trip audio tour.

Exhibit Guides

Mission Treasures Exhibit Interpretive Guide

Contents Include:
• California Fourth Grade History-Social Science Standards
• Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
• Exhibit Themes
• Descriptions of Artifacts
• Current Mission Preservation Efforts
• Recent Archaeological Finds

Padres Museum Teachers Guide

Mission San Juan Capistrano’s permanent exhibit in the Padres’ Quarters meets California State Curriculum Standards for 4th Grade Social Science. To enhance the student learning experience, the education and museum staff have incorporated interactive signs with illustrative drawings, props, and artifacts to better convey the themes and topics of each space. This guide provides the topics covered in each room, to assist teachers coming on field trips to the Mission, or to provide information for extra curricular activities for students.

Legacy of Saint Serra Exhibit

Contents Include:
• Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
• California State Standards
• Panel Topics
• List of Items on Display

Field Trip Activities

Mission Bingo

Contents Include:
• Mission Bingo is a fun game that will keep children entertained and engaged while visiting the Mission.

Learn More About the Mission

Contents Include:
• Investigate: Great Stone Church, Mission Courtyard/Quadrangle, Serra Chapel, and Industrial Area.

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