Current & Ongoing

West Gate
Recent preservation efforts include installing wrought iron pedestrian handrails and fence panels at the West Gate to help guests traverse the steep driveway. The new handrails and fencing also improves safety in the area. This project was made possible through the generous support of donors and Mission Preservation Society members.

In 2018, staff will remove the shells and stones that were inappropriately installed in 2003 at the east interior wall of the nave in the Great Stone Church during the 1990s stabilization project. The stones and shells, not found anywhere else on the venerable Ruins or historic grounds, impart a false sense of history to guests and students.

Seismic Monitoring
In August, the Mission completed the installation of new electronic monitoring devices in the Great Stone Church Ruins. The program now includes selective electronic crack monitoring at locations around the vault of the Sacristy, and continues the existing monitoring program to ensure the Ruins remain safe, and stable for public access. The new measurement data will be reviewed, and future work will occur based upon observed results. This effort is undertaken as part of the Mission’s commitment to ensuring a safe historic environment for the public.

To get involved or support on-going preservation efforts, please contact Mechelle Lawrence Adams at (949) 234-1311 or donate online.