The Landmarks Club (1900-1910) led by Charles Lummis

To Conserve Historic Mission San Juan Capistrano for Generations to Come

The Landmarks Club is comprised of a special group of friends who believe in the purpose and values of Mission San Juan Capistrano and what this landmark can teach and represent for future generations to come. It is with pride that the Mission Preservation Foundation recognizes and honors those who have or wish to include Mission San Juan Capistrano in their estate plans with a future gift through a bequest, life insurance, or trust arrangement, or have made an outright gift to the Mission.

Gift funds stand alone and are not allowed to be used for any purpose other than to support Mission San Juan Capistrano’s operations, education programs, historic preservation, or other such program designed to sustain the relevance and vibrancy of Orange County’s only mission. These funds are invested in perpetuity with the investment income used to fund the Mission.  Download brochure (pdf)

As of April 9, 2020


Mechelle and Joe Adams
Gilbert G. Aguirre*
Bobbi Amado
Marcia Mereness Barr
Dianne Bauer
Ron Bauer
Carol J. Beck
Barb and Don Beier
Carole Valenick Bocchini – In Memory of William R. Bocchini
Faith Ann Corey – Posthumous
Joan and Bill Cvengros
Virginia DeNubila Trust – Posthumous
Carol and Don Dorkowski
Carolyn and Juan Forster
Venus and Dr. Roger Franceschi
Laura Freese
Daisy and James Funk
Janice W. Galt
Pamela and David Hagen
Georgianna and Ted Hales
Richard Holt
Monsignor Arthur A. Holquin
Julie and Richard Janss
Suzy and Paul Mikos
Marianne and Ray Miller
Melinda and Tony Moiso*
Frank J. Montesano – Posthumous
Susan D. Morrison*
Mary M. Muth – The Muth Family Trust – Posthumous
Norman Neuerburg – Neuerburg Trust – Posthumous
Steve Nordeck – Posthumous
Eden and George O’Connell*
Shelley and Douglas Pricer
Teeter Marie Romero
Deanna and Robert Saint-Aubin*
Santora Trust – Posthumous
Florence M. Satoski Revocable Living Trust – Posthumous
Shirley Sauvageau
Anne Crosby Schauwecker – Posthumous*
Rikishi Shimei Revocable Living Trust – Posthumous*
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Sire
Connie and Dr. Peter Spenuzza
Madeline and James Swinden
Thomas J. and Erma Jean Tracy Family Foundation*
Donald J. Tryon
Penny Tryon
Elisabeth Willback*

*Platinum Level Membership

Please remember Historic Mission San Juan Capistrano in your Planned Giving
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(949) 234-1323 or email
IRS 501(c)(3) Tax ID# 33-0833283