Mission San Juan Capistrano welcomes visitors, professional and commercial photographers as well as members of the media on our grounds according to the policies and procedures outlined below.

“Vacation-style” or impromptu photography/videography is permitted throughout the grounds without a reservation.

  • No flash photography or tripods, monopods, or selfie sticks in buildings; they may be used in the gardens but may not be placed in plant beds, benches or blocking pathways.
  • Additional photographic equipment such as lights, reflectors, props, costumes, models are prohibited, except under permit or commercial contract.
  • Drones are not permitted.
  • No climbing on the walls, arcades, ruins, or any physical and historic structure that makes up the Mission

All posed photography, both commercial and non-commercial, require a permit in advance. Walk-ins are not permitted.

  • Non-commercial, posed, photography includes, but is not limited to: maternity and family portraits, wedding and engagement photography, graduation and prom portraits, quinceañeras and company team photos.
  • Permit fees and insurance are required in advance. To apply for a photography permit and reserve a session time, book online or contact the Group Bookings Department at or (949) -234-1306.
  • Commercial filming and photography are permitted by appointment only. Location fees, permits, and insurance are required, certain restrictions may apply. Learn more or contact the Group Bookings Department at or (949) 234-1306.

Mission San Juan Capistrano may photograph, film, or videotape visitors for educational and promotional purposes. Use of a ticket is implied consent for the use of the holder’s likeness, voice, or video image for marketing purposes.

Reservation slots are limited and special events days may not allow for photography. Please call in advance for availability.