Learning at Home

Here at Mission San Juan Capistrano, we are working diligently to develop tools and resources that can serve both educators and students who are currently impacted by school closures. As the Mission has traditionally been a rite of passage field trip for fourth grade students, many of these resources will be designed in support of fourth grader learning standards, however we will also have activities designed to be enjoyed by all ages. The Mission is dedicated to posting new content to support our teachers, parents, and students throughout the community and offer a fulfilling digital educational experiences.

Announcing Free Student Vouchers

We realize that many of this year’s fourth graders missed out on the coveted tradition of the field trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano! We are so sorry for that lost experience, and want to help make it up to our student visitors. Click here for a free student voucher that can be shared with your learners so that visit the Mission San Juan Capistrano as our “special guest” perhaps with their family when we reopen.

The free student voucher is “good” until June, 2021. We truly hope it gives them a special day at the Mission.

“With its rare artifacts and treasures, Mission San Juan Capistrano serves as a connection to Orange County’s historic past and a symbol of its enduring and multicultural character. Year after year, this venerable landmark presents our students with rich educational experiences and memories that will last throughout their lives.”

Al Mijares, Ph.D.
Orange County Superintendent of Schools