Swallows Welcome Home to San Juan Capistrano!

The Swallows are back in San Juan Capistrano! See our video footage taken just days after the bell ringing! Swallows were spotted in the San Juan Creek basin, dipping and diving and preparing for their mating season. Making their nests for their growing families, this footage captures the birds at twilight, where they can be viewed just blocks away from Mission San Juan Capistrano! Read the Story of the Swallows

Why are they there? In the mid 1990s their nests were removed from the Ruins of the Great Stone Church (circa 1806). When the swallows returned, they made new nests where the water supply was more plentiful. Since that time, Mission San Juan Capistrano leadership has sought consultative services of swallows expert, Dr. Charles Brown, to advise on a strategy to bring them back. From mating calls, to replica nests, a variety of endeavors have been made to bring them back to the Mission. In 2019 and 2020 new nests were found on the landmark campus, and today, we are pleased to say they are at the Capistrano Valley.

For more information about the swallows, to watch our lecture with Dr. Brown and to view highlights on what you may have missed on St. Joseph’s Day, March 19,2021, click here: https://conta.cc/2NP3SXH

Video Highlights