You are watching a live stream of a Cliff Swallows nest at Mission San Juan Capistrano. We are anticipating the swallows return, within the coming weeks. Cliff Swallows migrate over 6,000 miles from South America to begin their breeding season. Although Mission San Juan Capistrano celebrates their return on March 19, on St. Joseph Day, Cliff Swallows don’t always adhere to a human calendar. They can arrive as early as late February to as late as April.  The nest you are viewing was built in the Spring of 2017 in the East Corridor near Serra Chapel. In the Summer of 2017 a pair of nesting swallows built this nest, and had 2 successful broods, or sets of babies. It is common for swallows to return to the same nest year after year.  You might spot the returning swallows, and see them dart in and out of their nest.

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