Voices of the Mission

Mission San Juan Capistrano Voices of the Mission

Stop 100

Founding Document
Stop 1

Olive Millstone
Stop 2

Soldiers Barracks
Stop 3

Kiicha (introduction), Mortars, Elderberry Tree and Kiicha Interior
Stop 4

South Wing: Padres’ Dining Room and Juniper Serra
Stop 5

West Wing: Father José Muts Room
Stop 52

West Wing: Spanish Room & Wine Vat and Naming of Missions
Stop 61

South Wing: Rancho Room and Lincoln Proclamation
Stop 63

Mission Industrial Center and Tallow Vats
Stop 7

Mission Industrial Center Catalan Furnaces
Stop 71

Leon Rene Music Room and Swallows Day
Stop 10

North Corridor and Mission School
Stop 11

Central Courtyard and Christmas at the Mission in the 1950s
Stop 12

Serra Chapel Introduction and Serra Chapel 50 Years Ago
Stop 13

Serra Chapel Baptismal Font
Stop 132

Serra Chapel Stations of the Cross and Stations Conservation
Stop 133

Serra Chapel St. John of Capistrano Painting
Stop 135

Serra Chapel Retablo and Conservation Treatment
Stop 136

Serra Chapel St. Peregrine Chapel
Stop 138

Station of the Cross XII Painting
Stop 139

Mission Cemetery and Father O’Sullivan’s Grave
Stop 14

Sacred Garden, Bell Wall and Different Bell Sounds
Stop 15

Great Stone Church Walking Tour
Stop 16

Legacy of Saint Serra Exhibit & Welcome Video
Stop 18

Conservation Work at the Mission
Stop 20

Stop 21

Gate House
Stop 24