Starting July 1, 2017, there were will be a small fee to rent an audio tour. All audio tours are free to Mission Members.

The Mission offers two different audio tours to experience:

Award Winning- Adult Audio Tour:
Voices of the Mission (listen to the audio tour online)
Available in English, Spanish, German, French, German, Italian and Vietnamese.
Features music, history and storytelling about California history and uncovers the Jewel of the missions. The audio tour grants the listener the unique opportunity to experience history first hand, learn new things about Mission San Juan Capistrano never before heard and see the Jewel up close and personal.

Mission San Juan Capistrano was awarded by NAI The National Association for Interpretation

Children Audio Tour- Saved by the Mission Bell: 
A Child’s Journey Through California’s History
Available in English and Spanish.
This humorous and imaginative audio tour is designed to engage 4th graders but is appropriate for children of all ages. Children will delight in the story of Acu’s journey through time.  Acu is a misplaced man in California’s history, who seeks the help of two modern-day 4th graders Megan and Tommy to return to his time in 1915.  Along the way, the trio meets characters from the Mission’s past, opening the children’s eyes to the change and challenges of the Mission.  This 45 minute audio program also adheres to the State of California’s educational standards for teaching Social Science.  Saved by the Mission Bell is written and produced by Antenna Audio who is world renown for excellence in interpretive audio guides for world-class museums and historic sites, including USS Midway in San Diego, the Louvre in Paris, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.