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For students, teachers and parents studying California Missions.
Mission San Juan Capistrano is pleased to announce the opening of its new California Missions Resource Studio, which features information on all 21 missions.

California Missions Studio

Teachers, students and their parents are invited to make use of the studio in researching student mission reports so that they may better build mission models, make power points or video presentations or complete other projects for schools. The studio offers timelines, research materials, mission brand rubbing plates, and workspace for researching.

All 21 California Missions Report Workbook
The Perfect Teacher's Guide: All 21 California Missions Report Workbook
Recommended for students, parents and teachers studying any of the 21 California missions for their school mission report.
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Mission San Juan Capistrano Report Workbook
The Perfect Teacher's Guide: Mission San Juan Capistrano Report Workbook
Recommended for students, parents and teachers studying Mission San Juan Capistrano for their school mission report.
Available for purchase at Mission San Juan Capistrano or immediately at our online gift shop.

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California Missions Studio

California Missions:

Mission San Francisco Solano
21st Mission
Founded July 4, 1823
Located in a State Historic Park, this is the twenty-first, and last Alta California mission.

Mission San Rafael
20th Mission
Founded December 14th, 1817
The mission is named for St. Raphael, patron of good health.

Mission San Francisco de Asís ("Mission Dolores")
6th Mission
Founded June 29, 1776
Mission Dolores has always had a central place in the civic and cultural life of San Francisco.

Mission Santa Clara de Asís
8th Mission
Founded January 12, 1777
Santa Clara Mission is the site of the oldest continuously used established college in California.

Mission San José de Guadalupe
14th Mission
Founded June 11, 1797
The mission church was destroyed by an earthquake in 1868. It was reconstructed using traditional building methods in 1982-1985.

Mission San Juan Bautista
15th Mission
Founded June 24, 1797
The mission church, which was built in 1803, has three naves or aisles, which makes it the widest of all the mission churches.

Mission Santa Cruz
12th Mission
Founded August 28, 1791
Sometimes called "the bad luck mission" because it suffered a flood, two strong earthquakes, and pirate attacks.

Mission San Carlos Borroméo del Río Carmelo
2nd Mission
Founded June 3, 1770
Named for St. Charles, a Cardinal of the 16th century.

Mission Nuestra Señora de la Soledad
3rd Mission
Founded July 14, 1771
Mission San Antonio was the site of the first Christian marriage in Alta California.

Mission San Miguel, Arcángel
16th Mission
Founded July 25, 1797
Named for Saint Michael the Arcangel, it's appearance is much the same as it was when founded. The inside of the mission has never been repainted.

Mission La Purísima Concepción
11th Mission
Founded December 8, 1787
La Purisima Mission is the most completely restored mission complex in the United States. Many of the Mission's structures were destroyed in an earthquake in 1812.
Mission Santa Inés, Virgen y Mártir
19th Mission
Founded September 17, 1804
Named in honor of Saint Agnes, an early Christian martyr of the fourth century.

Mission Santa Bárbara, Virgen y Mártir
10th Mission
Founded December 4, 1786
This is the only mission to have remained continuously in Franciscan hands.

Mission San Buenaventura
9th Mission
Founded March 31, 1782
This is the ninth and last California mission founded by Fray Junipero Serra

Mission San Fernando, Rey de España
17th Mission
Founded September 8, 1797
Mission San Fernando is the site of California's first gold discovery in 1842.

Mission San Gabriel, Arcángel
4th Mission
Founded September 8, 1771
This mission was secularized 1834 and returned to Church by President Abraham Lincoln 24 years later in 1859.

Mission San Juan Capistrano
7th Mission
Founded November 1, 1776
Known as the 'Jewel of the Missions'. The key building of the Mission is Serra Chapel, one of the oldest buildings in California, and the only one still standing where Fr. Serra is known to have performed Mass.

Mission San Luis Rey de Francia
18th Mission
Founded June 13, 1798
Known as the 'King of the Missions', this is the largest of the California Missions.

Mission San Diego de Alcalá
1st Mission
Founded July 16, 1769
Alta California's first mission, this mission marks the birthplace of Christianity in the far West.

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