Teachers Guides and Lessons

Mission San Juan Capistrano offers support to teachers and students by providing the following free resources for lessons and activities. Also offered on Mission grounds, as a resource to use is a full working studio, offering information and tools to complete California Mission Projects.

Field Trip Activities

Mission Bingo (pdf)
Contents Include:
Mission Bingo is a fun game that will keep children entertained and engaged while visiting the Mission.

Learn More About The Mission (pdf)
Contents Include:
Investigate: Great Stone Church, Mission Courtyard/Quadrangle, Serra Chapel, and Industrial Area

Teacher Guides

Pre-Visit Essays, Lessons & Activities for Teachers (pdf)
Contents Include:
Essays: Mission San Juan Capistrano's Guardians, The Acjachemen Nation, California's Spanish Explorers,
New Spain's Franciscans
Activities: The Acjachemen Language, Create Your Own Acjachemen Name, Our Kin the Acjachemen Word Scramble, Food Chain Worksheet, Food Chain Nature Cards, Making a Compass (Physical Science), Can You Map It? (Geography), Daily Life on Board Explorer's Ship (English/Creative Writing), Spanish Explorers: Impact of Ocean Currents & Wind Patterns (Earth Science), Math and Navigation (Mathematics), Recruiting Extreme Explorers (Visual Arts), Branding is Forever, Make Your Own Brand, How to Read Brands, and Read That Cattle Brand
Lessons: The Food Web, Navigating California’s Coast, and Branding is Forever

Post Visit Lessons and Activities (pdf)
Contents Include:
Activities: Don't Be Clueless Crossword Puzzle, Vocabulary Game, Word Scramble, Trade Worksheet, and Saved by the Mission Bell Trivia Review Game
Essay: California's Rancho Economy
Lessons: The Story of Trader Richard Henry Dana, and Trading in California

Mission Clubhouse Teachers Guide (pdf)
Contents Include:
Outline of hands-on activities and display information.

Mission Treasures Exhibit Interpretive Guide (pdf)
Contents Include:
Outline of the exhibit and exhibit items.

Padres Museum Teachers Guide (pdf)

Passport Explorer Teachers Guide (pdf)
Contents Include:
Outline of the passport program and guide to use the booklet with students.

Audio Tour Field Trip Teachers Guide (pdf)
Contents Include:
Outline and information on the field trip audio tour.


Student Resource Handbook
Student Report Workbook
Available for purchase at Mission San Juan Capistrano or immediately at our online gift shop.