Preservation efforts by Mission Conservators and ARG Conservation Services (ARG/CS) continue at the Mission San Juan Capistrano this summer. Upon completion of the adobe conservation and plastering at the upper level of the South Wing, the team recently began restoration of the masonry columns and plastered adobe walls at the south arcade below.


To reinstate the historic character of this area, removal of all inappropriate past repairs, mainly the use of cement, is a key element to the project. Work on the masonry columns include the removal of hard cement mortar at the joints between the bricks and repointing with a softer, more compatible lime mortar.


Contemporary bricks installed in previous conservation campaigns will also be replaced with historic quality bricks. At the adobe walls, the cement wainscot along the base and other inappropriate patches above the wainscot will also be removed in preparation for treatment and repair of the plaster and adobe. Before a new coat of plaster is applied at the areas between remaining original plaster finish, a mud mixture is used to fill voids found at the adobe wall. Any remaining original plaster finish will be stabilized by injection grouting using a lime-based mortar.