It is a well-known fact that the sunlight in Southern California is very intense.  Over time, the result of prolonged light exposure is the fading and deterioration.  This is due to light intensity and the ultra-violet component within light sources.

To reduce the damaging impact that natural light can have, museums and galleries often apply an ultra violet (UV) window film to the interior surfaces of windows.  Film coating of windows is a relatively benign way to filter up to 99% of the harmful UV component of light.  Tinted UV film also reduces the intensity of light and the amount of heat entering a collection space.   

UV Film

Above are three different samples of tinted UV film by the same manufacturer.  The sample on the left has the least amount of tinting allowing only 51% of the visible light through whereas the films adjacent to it have more tinting. 

In January of 2007, the Mission contracted Sun Tamers Window Tinting to apply window-tinting films to all windows within its collections spaces.  The window-tinting technicians spent eight days cleaning windows, measuring and cutting film, and applying it to over 290 window panels. 

Applying Film

Film Adhesive

Here, a technician cleans and applies film to a window in the Serra Chapel.

As seen in this image, the adhesive for the film is activated by water, making it easy to apply.  Water is also used to remove the film.

Lighting within the collections spaces was also managed by removing un-necessary lighting fixtures and repositioning lights way from sensitive objects.

Many of the rooms tended to be over illuminated.  With the reduction of extra lighting assembles, temperature levels can also be reduced.

Light Fixtures Seen here are four light fixtures removed from one room alone. 

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
The Mission has installed data loggers within many of its interpretation spaces.  These devices will establish temperature and humidity trends in these spaces on a daily, monthly, and yearly base.

Data Logger In the image to the left, a data logger located in the Mission Pantry can be seen attached to the side of an electrical outlet.

Information gathering with these devices is ongoing.  This data will not only give a sense of problematic trends to correct, but also assist when seeking grant-funding opportunities.

Data Logging Chart

Shown above is one of the charts produced by the data logging equipment. 

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