Located in historic South Wing, a small room, known as the Dormitory during the Mission’s founding period, will now serve as either the new home to Ms. Marion the loom weaver or used as additional interpretive space. Prior to the start of the project the Dormitory room was used as a storage area to house pieces of the Mission's storage deprived museum collection. To be able to use this space, staff need all old items stored in the room, stabilize ceiling plasters, upgrade lighting, and cleaning the space. The space, not properly used in recent years, can now be publicly appreciated. The museum upgrades underway provided the Mission the incentive toexecute much needed repairs to the space.

Project Scope:

• Removal of items stored in Dormitory
• Removal of ceiling scrim " General cleaning, including lightly brushing all walls and ceiling
• Stabilization of ceiling plasters in areas of detachment
• Stabilization of wall plasters in areas of detachment and larger cracks filled
• New lighting fixtures installed to replace bare bulb flood lights
• New coat of white wash to match existing.
• Domitory ceiling treatment



Domitory ceiling before treatment




Domitory ceiling after treatment




Southern Domitory wall before treatment



Southern Dormitory wall after treatment

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