Pam Conway, Mission Store Manager and Buyer

Pam Conway joined Mission San Juan Capistrano as Mission Store Manager on Dec. 1. Conway comes from Bentonville, Arkansas, where she had worked to help open the new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Conway had met with Mission Executive Director Mechelle Lawrence Adams and staff members and became interested in joining the Mission.

"I grew up in Orange County and my father would drive us to historic sites on Sundays," Conway said. "I am from a family of eight children. I am certain the good man was giving my mother a break.

"Mission San Juan Capistrano was my favorite site. Besides the beauty of the Mission grounds, I love the aura of peace and history. It is amazing to see the school children having fun listening and learning about the Mission on one side of the campus and walking over to the other side and feeling the reverential effect of the beautiful Serra Chapel."

The Mission Store opened as part of the Gate House Preservation Project, and has become a success. And now Conway is helping to continue that success.

"The Mission Store has a special obligation," Conway said. "It exists to support the Mission and its special events, as well as educate visitors on a variety of subjects -- the Catholic religion, spirituality, California history, Native American history, California flora and Fauna.  There is so much to learn and enjoy.

"With all of that in mind we endeavor to have merchandise that will appeal to the wide variety of visitors that come through our doors."

Conway added that success of the Mission Store is more than selling merchandise.

"I would like customers to come away with the feeling that they are always welcome and that they will consistently find unique and educational products," she said.

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Pam Conway