Mission Preservation Foundation Board Members

Connie Spenuzza

Mission Preservation Foundation
Member, Connie Spenuzza

Connie Spenuzza is publisher of Libros Publishing. She received a Master's Degree in Psychology from the University of Southern California, and has worked in marketing for IBM, as a counselor for the Los Angeles Unified School District, and as a language professor for Los Angeles Community College. She serves on the Board of Directors of Opera Pacific, the Harvard College Parents Fund, and the statewide museum committee, Latinas: The Spirit of California. Among her talents, she speaks Spanish, French and Italian. She and husband Peter live in Monarch Beach. They have two adult sons.

In response to the invitation to join the Foundation Board, Spenuzza remarked, "The Mission is an outstanding historic and architectural monument. It serves as an important symbol of the richness of California's history."

She describes the Mission's Serra Chapel as her "spiritual sanctuary," reminding her of the convent school in Ecuador she attended as a child. Her uncle was Cardinal of Ecuador. She added, "Sitting in Serra Chapel reminds me of the many positive experiences of my childhood."